Why are you sending your son or daughter to MLHS?

To have our son attend ML would be AWESOME!  Since attending Grace Lutheran he has turned into what I call a walking Bible.  He's very passionate about his catechism and religion classes.  His drive to get good grades and goal of making it two years in a row with perfect attendance are wonderful!  We would love for him to have the opportunity to continue at ML.  And we are so thankful for everything Grace has done for him.

There are son many reason I want my daughter to attend ML. Christian education, Christian friends, my experience @ ML was amazing (Class of 97), and want the same things for my daughter. But I believe the mission statement says it best: Christ-centered learning for Christ-centered living!

Christ-centered education at a small school that will provide a high-quality education for college and/or trade school prep.

We want a good solid foundation in God's Word to continue on for our daughter and a great education!

We want our son to have a good Christ-centered education.

We are seeking a quality, Christ-centered education for our children.

We would like our son to attend MLHS bcause he will daily hear God's Word!  Also for the small environment and family-like atmosphere that MLHS offers.

Our daughter has attended a Lutheran grade school since preschool.  From early on, I knew she would continue her education focusing on Christ together with her academics.

Best school in the area!  Christ-centered, Lutheran education!


Why do you want to attend MLHS?

I want a good education in God's Word and to grow and learn with brothers and sisters in Christ.  I think ML can provide that kind of a good education.

I go to St. Paul's and I have been involved with ML.  I like the school and I want to go to be with my friends.

I want to go to ML because it sounds super cool and a fun experience centered around God and His Word.

When I am at ML it feel like you are in a family.  Also, you learn the Word of God and become strong spiritually.

Both of my brothers went to ML, so I'm familiar with the school.  I like that it's a Christian school, and I will know people there.

I would like to attend ML because I want to be able to daily learn about God's Word throughout my entire high school career.  After playing sports and being in band, I believe this would be a great school to continue my education!

I want to come to ML so I can participate in many different extra-curricular activities.  Also so I can go to school with all my friends from different Lutheran schools in the area.

ML is a Christian scool that my older brothers and sisters went to.  Also, my friends are going there too.