Michigan Lutheran High School has an exemplary history in academic excellence.

For your first year, teachers will help place you in appropriate classes based on your academic record and English proficiency.
English Language Learners
English for the English Language Learner Levels 1 and 2 
- Designed for the low to mid-intermediate level non-native English speaking student.

- English skills are assessed both during initial application interview and again upon arrival for class placement.

- This class replaces mainstream English classes offered during the same year. Students enrolled in ESL 1/2 may also be enrolled in regular English 9 or 10, depending upon grade level.

English for the English Language Learner Level 3
-Single-semester course dedicated to preparing for the college application process, while also focusing on further developing writing skills.

-The first quarter focuses on preparing a student for the TOEFL exam.

-The second quarter guides the student through the college application process.

-This is an elective course for juniors who have been enrolled at a US high school for at least 1 year prior to attending MLHS.
Testing Opportunities
MLHS arranges for the scheduling of and transportation to all TOELFL and college prep testing opportunities.
MLHS not only strives to provide academic opportunities, but also spiritual growth and instruction. Students and faculty attend a daily chapel service. Students also take religion courses and are expected to attend worship services weekly.

With small class sizes and close proximity to the dorms, you'll have lots of opportunities to get to know your classmates!

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