Enrollment Process
TIP: Begin Enrollment as soon as you've been accepted.

Congratulations! You've been accepted to Michigan Lutheran High School!

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth enrollment process:

1. Receive your initial acceptance letter from MLHS via email.

  • Send your $3000 enrollment deposit to reserve your place.
  • Upon receipt of your enrollment deposit, MLHS will mail an official copy of your letter of acceptance and Form I-20. (This letter may not be used as documentation when applying for your F1 visa.)
  • After you receive your Form I-20 from us, please visit the following website to pay your I-901 fee: http://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee 

2. Apply for your visa and bring the following documents with you to your interview: 

  • Your current passport
  • Your nonimmigrant visa application (Form DS-160)
  • Official acceptance letter received via post
  • Documentation showing financial means to support you while attending MLHS
  • I-901 Receipt 

You may also be required to provide copies of:

  • Your most recent school transcripts
  • Copies of your English language test score

3. Log into your TADS account and complete the enrollment paperwork found there. There are a number of documents that need to be completed, so plan on giving yourself at least 2-4 weeks to do so.

  • Submit all necessary enrollment forms, vaccination information and proof of medical insurance documentation prior to August 1.

4. Our guidance counselor and class advisors will help determine your personal course schedule for the first year at MLHS.

5. Communicate your travel details to our International Program Coordinator (see our International Student Calendar for important dates).

6. Submit payment in full for all Tuition, Room & Board, and/or fees on or before August 1.

7. We'll see you mid-August for school!

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