Principal's Message


Living in a beach town, my family and I spend a lot of time at the different beautiful and sandy beaches of our area. As great as that sounds, it is not quite as relaxing as it appears.

Having four kids 10 and under, (with my youngest just turning 2), parenting around the waters of Lake Michigan is a non-stop affair during a day at the beach. My older boys can pretty much handle themselves in the water, but turn my eye for a moment and that water can be a dangerous thing for them. And for my daughter, the power of the waves is too much for her to stay standing. She easily gets knocked down, and she's learned the hard way to not go in farther than her knees at this point or she doesn't stand a chance of staying on her feet.  

Life is not too much different for Christians today trying to raise their families in God's ways.  

As soon as we introduce them to Jesus and his way of living, the world seems to throw them different ideas—ones not built on seeking him first. It would be easy for them to get knocked off their faith walk and onto a different path that does not lead to Heaven. Even their own sinful natures tell them to do things out of selfish ambition instead of what is good and pleasing in God's sight.  

I thank God, as a father, for our Lutheran schools. I know that when my kids are dropped off for their day of learning, that the teachers hold to my wife and my ideals and Christian values. I know that when they are there, they will be taught about the One Thing Needed and built up to leave their school daily knowing better than they did when they arrived the depth of Jesus love for them.  

This is why the theme STAND FIRM has been chosen to guide our school year. It is based on a passage from Hebrews 10:23, which says, "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful."  

As Christians, we are called to hold firm to the Word of God and allow that to be the guide for our life. When the storms of life hit and the waves of change try to knock us off that path, we can always STAND FIRM in the fact that our Lord is faithful to us and will never leave nor abandon us. He is always keeping his eye on us and will lead us directly to where he wants us.This is comforting as a parent trying to raise four kids to be Christ-followers for their entire life.  

May God richly bless the efforts of all our Lutheran Schools this coming fall and throughout our school year. May Michigan Lutheran High School be a place that sends students home daily stronger in their faith and more able to STAND FIRM in God's promises.

God's Blessings on our school year!
Mr. Matthew Herbst