MLHS Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of MLHS Education

MLHS exists to educate teenagers, strengthen families and serve the Church with the power of teaching that is deeply rooted in the Bible and fully expresses the love of Jesus.

Our educational leaders hold to these foundational beliefs:

1. God’s teachings in the Bible are the foundation of every point of view, action and product in Lutheran schools.

2. Christ’s love motivates us in all we do, both adults and children, to serve others as he did.

3. Outreach and nurture are both necessary in our ministry to children, parents, congregation and the community.

4. High-quality Christian education is solely a blessing from our gracious God.

5. High-quality Christian education is an expression of our desire to do all things to the glory of God.

6. High-quality Christian education is an integral part of making Christian disciples and of reaching the community with the Gospel.

7. High-quality Christian education is an expression of the good stewardship of the blessings which God has graciously given us.

8. Christian education is a team responsibility involving parents, school 

9. WELS schools benefit children, improve the health of families and are an important part of the ministry of Christ’s church.

10. God has given gifts to every person, and Lutheran schools help them use those gifts to honor God.

11. WELS schools are enthusiastic champions of children, teachers and Christian education in a way that seeks the greater good of Christ’s kingdom and the congregation(s).
To God Be the Glory!