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Michigan Lutheran High School has served the Michiana region with quality Christian secondary education for over 40 years.

We are nationally accredited: Our rigorous, relevant and well-rounded curriculum produces educational excellence by exceeding the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements while also preparing students for post-secondary education and a variety of careers.

TITANS typically average above 25 on the ACT test, while also having lead the region in Michigan Merit Examination scores for over a decade.

All MLHS courses prepare TITANS as learners in the classroom, life and of the unalterable truth found in the Bible.

Explore our website to see just what it means to be a TITAN! Then, contact us to schedule a tour and find out why we are so excited about our school!

"We're preparing for life and eternity."


Mission, Vision, and Objective Statements
for Michigan Lutheran High School

Michigan Lutheran High School (MLHS) exists as an arm of the congregations of the WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod), which belong to the Southwestern Michigan Lutheran High School Association. As such, its primary purpose is as follows:

Mission Statement

Michigan Lutheran High School exists to provide students with Christ-centered learning for Christ-centered living now and for Eternity.
In order to fulfill this mission, Michigan Lutheran High School strives to meet the following:

Vision *

  1. To be Christ-centered and confessionally Lutheran in its worship, instruction, counseling, discipline and activities.
  2. To proclaim, teach and apply the Holy Scriptures—which are the inspired, inerrant Word of the Triune God—as they fit each setting of school life.
  3. To nurture “growth in grace” (2 Peter 3:18) and the resultant “fruits of faith” (John 15:54) through the gospel message.
  4. To reach out into our community with the glorious Gospel message as Christ has commissioned us.
  5. To encourage all students to use their gifts for a life of service and leadership, and to be lifelong learners of God’s Holy Word.
  6. To encourage and prepare interested students for the full-time preaching and teaching ministries.
  7. To teach students to use their academic abilities to the glory of God, and to apply these skills as lifelong learners.
  8. To equip students for faithful and capable citizenship to the glory of God.
  9. To enable students to become well-rounded individuals by providing curricular and extra-curricular opportunities as Christian educational experiences to the glory of God.

Objectives *

We influence our students’ attitudes and expand their skills and knowledge so that:
  1. Our graduates display an active faith life in their churches, workplaces, communities and the world. 
  2. They possess a strong academic base.
  3. They are effective in both oral and in written communication.
  4. They possess the ability to solve problems and work cooperatively. 
  5. They are comfortable with technology and its applications.
  6. They are well-rounded culturally and understand the benefits of healthful living. 
  7. They display leadership skills and are independent, life-long learners.
  8. They possess the confident hope that they will reside with their Father in heaven throughout eternity upon completion of their walk with Christ on earth.

* A vision is an ideal result for which MLHS strives; an objective is the vision fully realized and evidenced.


Philosophy of MLHS Education

MLHS exists to educate teenagers, strengthen families and serve the Church with the power of teaching that is deeply rooted in the Bible and fully expresses the love of Jesus.
Our educational leaders hold to these foundational beliefs:
1. God’s teachings in the Bible are the foundation of every point of view, action and product in Lutheran schools.
2. Christ’s love motivates us in all we do, both adults and children, to serve others as he did.
3. Outreach and nurture are both necessary in our ministry to children, parents, congregation and the community.
4. High-quality Christian education is solely a blessing from our gracious God.
5. High-quality Christian education is an expression of our desire to do all things to the glory of God.
6. High-quality Christian education is an integral part of making Christian disciples and of reaching the community with the Gospel.
7. High-quality Christian education is an expression of the good stewardship of the blessings which God has graciously given us.
8. Christian education is a team responsibility involving parents, school and congregation.
9. WELS schools benefit children, improve the health of families and are an important part of the ministry of Christ’s church.
10. God has given gifts to every person, and Lutheran schools help them use those gifts to honor God.
11. WELS schools are enthusiastic champions of children, teachers and Christian education in a way that seeks the greater good of Christ’s kingdom and the congregation(s).
To God Be the Glory!