Program Pricing  

Tuition and fees for International Students are determined annually.

Please contact our International Program Coordinator, Mrs. Heidi Plocher, for the most current information.


Thank you for visiting Michigan Lutheran High School! Our high school is located in beautiful southwest Michigan, just 90 minutes east of Chicago, Illinois. Our rural community is family-friendly and known for attracting people from around the world desiring to visit this area of the United States. In fact, the state of Michigan was just named the #1 state in America by

While our community is a beautiful and an amazing place to call home, we hope you would appreciate even more so the amazing educational opportunities that await you at Michigan Lutheran High School. We pride ourselves on the high academic achievements we routinely see of our students. Students are able to achieve both personal and academic success through the studies and programs that are offered through Michigan Lutheran High School. Our student body routinely scores an average of 25 and above on the ACT test (the national average is 21). Nearly 90% of the student body is involved in at least one extracurricular activity at all times. Add to those numbers, the fact our students' service to our local community is well-known throughout the southwestern Michigan area and you are guaranteed an education that serves the body, soul, and mind of each student who becomes a part of our school family.

Our graduates have a strong desire and commitment to continue their education beyond high school. Over 95% of our graduates choose to continue their education at either a 2-year or a 4-year college/university. Many of our students are accepted at some of the top universities in the United States. Schools such as: Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame, the University of Michigan (click here for a full list), routinely accept our graduates, as they recognize the hard work and dedication that come from being a student at Michigan Lutheran.

For a more in-depth look at Michigan Lutheran High School, please view the following video. Or if you’d rather, contact our International Program Coordinator for a personal consultation via Skype or phone.

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Become a student at
Michigan Lutheran
High School

  1. Submit the necessary application documents and fees prior to February 28 for top priority, March 30 for standard priority, May 15 for late applicants.

  2.  Upon acceptance, apply for your F1 visa (Obtaining Your F1 Visa).

  3. Our guidance counselor and class advisors will help to determine your personal course schedule for your first year at MLHS.

  4. Communicate your travel details to our International Program Coordinator (see our International Student Calendar for important dates).

  5. Submit all necessary enrollment forms, vaccination information, and proof of medical insurance documentation prior to August 1.

  6. Submit payment in full for all fees on or before August 1.

  7. We'll see you mid-August!


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